Water Reels

Water Reels

We are a dealer and distributor for Kifco Water Reels.

Kifco Water-Reels are the most innovative option on the market for field, crop and park irrigation. Utilizing a simple set and go system, Water-Reels make it easy to irrigate acres in a single pass.

Kifco Water-Reels are the premier hard hose traveler in the irrigation industry. Our Water-Reels are the ultimate form of portable irrigation and can irrigate your pasture, sports field, crops or horse arena and easily move from one location to another. Kifco offers a comprehensive line of travelers that irrigate areas as large as a ½ Section (80 acres) per week and as small as a 1 acre yard or an indoor riding arena in a single run. Kifco Water-Reels offer portable irrigation for any permanent or temporary irrigation need.

Our B-Series Water-Reels are designed for smaller applications (1 – 15 acres) where more costly and less flexible in ground systems would traditionally be used. Ag-Rain Water-Reels act as on demand irrigation for large or small pastures, vegetable plots or other cash crops.

Kifco also provides water and slurry pumps, small irrigation pumps and a full line of applicable sprinklers and clamps.


Ag-Rain Water-Reels are a versatile solution to your agricultural, turf, or waste disposal needs. Ag-Rain travelers come in a wide variety of lengths and tube diameters to fit your needs.

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Kifco B-Series Water-Reels are a versatile solution to your sports field, horse arena, cemetery, park, pasture, garden or residential irrigation needs. B-Series travelers come in a wide variety of lengths and tube diameters and can irrigate an area as small as an indoor horse arena or as large as a 30 acre pasture.

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