The Horse market has relied on irrigation systems for years to improve footing, suppress dust and water ranches, horse arenas, pastures and paddocks, and polo fields. These areas require special care and attention. It is vital to maintain adequate traction, a springy footing, and low-dust environment to ensure the safety of both horse and rider. In ground irrigation systems and chemical dust-control, treatments are expensive and potentially dangerous. Water-Reels provide a simple, safe, and cost-effective horse arena watering system. Our machines are a one-time investment that can save you both money and hours of labor.

  • Horse Arena Watering Systems
  • Footing
  • Arena Dust Control
  • Pastures & Paddocks
  • Ranches
  • Polo Fields

Also, please contact us with any questions you have. Our team can talk with you about your specific situation and help you pick the right set up for your fields.