About Us

CFS Irrigation Supply is a locally owned and operated agricultural based business. Stan Cuff, Owner and President, has spent his whole life farming. He has gained incomparable knowledge and experience through his life. Stan started his entrepreneurship adventure in 2007 when he started Cuff Farm Services Inc. a nutrient management company based out of Auburn, NY. Cuff Farm Services Inc., flourished over the years and Stan realized it was time to expand the market reach of the company.

Stan and his wife Karen were presented with the opportunity to purchase an irrigation store in Bergen, NY, and this opportunity allowed them to expand into Western New York, where the demand for their already existing business was growing. In January of 2016, CFS Irrigation Supply was established. Stan and his team pride themselves on providing their customers with the knowledge & expertise to accomplish any challenge put in front of them. CFS Irrigation Supply is your one stop shop for anything related to irrigation or nutrient management. With Stan’s previous knowledge in the nutrient management world and the collective experience in irrigation, there is not an issue or project that CFS cannot handle.

Our Mission

To achieve the goals and mission set forth, CFS is dedicated to the continual research and development of new technologies targeted for manure management and is committed to providing the highest quality service for our local dairy farms. As a small and growing company, CFS has established relationships within the Cayuga County agricultural community, throughout New York, and in neighboring states by designing, manufacturing, fabricating, and servicing manure management equipment. These viable relationships have assisted our business thus far, and will continue to play a major role in the success of CFS.

The market potential for CFS is virtually unlimited as we provide essential products and services to dairies to meet an expanding demand based on dairy expansion, increased management regulations and requirements, and the continuing need to enhance the profitability of milk production. New York State is the third largest milk producer in the US, the demand for manure management and control is high. Our abilities, specialization, product selection, and continued research and development ensure that we can address specific needs of the dairy industry in all economic conditions.

We focus on maintaining business relationships with our customers on a more personable level and with the leadership and support from CFS, the dairy farmer can count on our company to assist them in the constant change in regulations the government has set forth through research and development of new technologies. Furthermore, CFS represents several different equipment manufacturers’ and manufactures other essential products.  We have the ability to assess what best suits a particular farm’s needs, and will only sell products and services which meet their demands. The biggest risk involved in the manure management business is reputation. CFS has set high standards to maintain the utmost quality, integrity, and professionalism which is ultimately associated with our name. We have set a high precedent of dedication in implementing each individual project, ensuring that all projects are monitored on a continual basis to ensure customer satisfaction.

CFS has set out to provide equipment and service to the agricultural community in Cayuga County. Equipment that suits the individual farmer’s needs both financially and operationally. We provide professional service that is of the up-most quality. Our reputation is based on how well our team successfully executes each project which is reflected by our consistently growing customer base. The ultimate goal is to help service and support the dairy farmer with land application technology, i.e. – nutrient control, and water shed contamination control. CFS has succeeded in building relationships and gaining confidence from our local dairy farmers. Our company is committed to sustain and execute research and development through innovative ideas and methods. We have maintained an important role within our community, and are considered a reliable company for knowledge and production.

Our Team

Vinnie Antinore and Dan Athoe have more than 50 years of experience in agriculture and parts sales between the two of them. They have been involved with agriculture almost their entire lives and love working with the farming community. They have eagerly taken on any challenge that has been presented to them and find a solution each time.

Dan Athoe is head of sales at CFS Irrigation and has brought his vast knowledge of the sales industry with him when he joined our team in January of 2016. Two of the renowned locations he has lead were Monroe and Empire Tractor. Dan Joined our business venture at CFS Irrigation in the beginning and has been a key contributor to our business – his commitment to our customers has helped build our reputation in this industry.

Contact:  danathoe@gmail.com cell – (315)-729-7973

Vinnie Antinore is head of parts at CFS Irrigation. Vinnie has run multiple parts locations and has been involved in parts for over 35 years. Including Monroe and Empire Tractor where he and Dan Athoe established an energetic business relationship. Both Dan and Vinnie put customer service first. He joined our team in May of 2016 and can help you find any part you are looking for.

Contact: Vinnieacfs@gmail.com office – (585)-548-7081

CFS Irrigation Supply and Service Goal

Provide leadership and support to meet the future needs and enhance the profitability of the agricultural industry through the development and implementation of innovative management systems.

Business Operation

CFS business operations is tailored to each individual client, there are many variables that need to be taken into account prior to any equipment fabrication or service. Our company researches the farms size and land in proportion to the number of livestock they have, and accounts for future plans for expansion and growth. With the initial information we are able to begin developing a plan for how their manure needs to be managed and assess what equipment will best provide the desired service for the individual farm now and in the future. When a base plan has been formulated, the project is presented to the owners and with target employees on the farm, in order to understand the farms daily protocol, which ensures that once implemented that all parties are prepared and comfortable with the change of the management systems.

Professional Support and Advisors

Cayuga County is heavily populated with dairies and the individual farms network together when making decisions, and they formed a group called the Cayuga Marketing Group. This group of farms has known Stan since he was a youth. They all were aware of his potential as a business owner and what he would be capable of bringing to the Cayuga County area, so the group had collectively encouraged Stan to pursue his business goals. Stan continuously corresponds with this group for advice and knowledge.

Unique Attributes of CFS Irrigation Supply & Service

Cuff Farm Services is fortunate to have a team that continuously evolves with new ideas and technology. Being a dealer of several equipment manufacturers as well as our own, we are unique in the sense that we manufacture and install the equipment; in addition provide tutorials on how to operate the equipment. We delegate a team member to dedicate the time needed to the farmer until the equipment is being utilized 100% by the farm and does not require our professional assistance any further. Prior to CFS establishing our company here in Central New York, farms relied heavily on phone calls to dealers in hopes of learning how to operate equipment, which the response time was significant enough that the farms would attempt to operate the equipment with out proper training and end up frustrated. Stan had had plenty of experience with this while employed on a local farm. This was one of Stan’s priorities when he established his company, he did not want to leave the farmers in limbo and at that point assured each customer that along with their equipment purchase, a tutorial would be guaranteed. The service our company provides has made our reputation far exceeds others, and that has been a contributing factor to our success. Our support staff is reassuring to the farming community, and that paves the way for future business contacts. Stan has found that word of mouth is the best form of advertising in this industry, the key to success is hard work, confidence, knowledge, and most of all honesty.

Being established in the heart of Cayuga County, CFS has a facility that can house large pieces of equipment and inventory, as well as the space to fabricate and receive equipment.

Part of our operations is to take raw materials in which we build and fabricate into a functioning piece of equipment. We are successful in the production of our equipment, and have the capacity to deliver all of what is produced. CFS prides itself on utilizing existing raw materials and creating something new and functional; we are environmentally aware of our surroundings and intend to continuously erect new technology from recycled materials.